New City, New Opportunities, New Challenges

New City, New Opportunities, New Challenges

It’s been about two weeks now since my arrival in Singapore. What have I been up to? Refocusing the direction of my business in this unfamiliar territory. What does Numily have to offer to Singapore?

I’ve been meeting with local businesses within the cake supply, baking, and wedding industries to develop an understanding of the local market. What I’ve discovered? The local market has much potential for demand but needs persuasion. Luckily, persuasion and persistence have become my strong suits. New York is still in the forefront in terms of cake design. What they have not seen does not represent what they do not want. I hope to redefine their feelings on cake design and showcase sugar flowers in a different light. I was once told that if I must dream, I should dream big. And a dream is just that til I take action.

My challenges? Keeping a positive attitude that I cannot attract everyone. I need to focus my efforts on my clientele which are those that recognize unique, premium products and are willing to pay for it. Those that are negative and unreceptive to my ideas and products are not my target clientele. Other challenges? The fear of competition by the local businesses. Keeping positive and persuasion once again comes into play. I have to help them understand that what Numily has to offer will only enhance their services to their clients and build their clientele.

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